Bareroot Sale at Dragonfly Gardens

April 24, 25 and 26, 2020

Save 50% Off Potted Prices!


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we encourage you to have a list of trees and shrubs you are interested in ahead of time.  Information resources about several of the options are listed in the pricing section. 

****We are now taking paid, pre-orders by emailing

thru 5pm Wednesday 4/22 only.****

Also check out our Facebook page for information.  And of course, please let us know if we can help pick!


If you can , please bring a large plastic bag (old mulch bag or garbage bag) or tarp to protect the roots when you pick up your trees.

What is Bareroot?

Bareroot means the tree, shrub or fruit is still dormant.  It does not have leaves, and it is not potted.  When you buy a bareroot tree, you get just the tree - no pot, no dirt, just trunk and branches.

Why buy Bareroot?

  • Value - we sell our bareroot items for 40% Off the potted price!
  • Ease of Handling and Planting - not only do you not have to deal with a heavy, dirt filled pot but you usually don't have to dig as big of a hole
  • Great Selection - bareroot requires less space so we are able to have many varieties on hand.  Anything that is leftover after the sale will be potted up for our sale stock for the rest of the season.
  • Good Performance - bareroot trees and shrubs frequently take off more quickly than potted ones.  The roots do not have to transition from nursery soil to the native soil.  Planting in early spring also gives that much more growing time for the tree to establish before winter.


Check out our Bareroot Care and Planting Tips


And don't forget to contact Diggers Hotline before you dig!  They are fully functional and accepting all locate requests!


Availability, Size and Price Subject to Change

While supplies last.  Sales are made first come, first serve. 

2020 Bareroot List

Apple Trees

Retail Price: $70.00   Bareroot Price $35.00

Semi-Dwarf unless marked
Bloom time is indicated by Early/Mid/Late

*For best pollination, pick two varieties that bloom at the same or overlapping times*

Cortland – Mid-late
Fireside - Mid-late
Freedom - Mid-late
Frostbite ™ - Mid-late
Haralred - Late
Honeycrisp – Mid
Honeygold – Mid-late
KinderKrisp– Early
Liberty - Mid
McIntosh – Mid
Prairie Magic - Mid (Standard)
SnowSweet ® - Mid
Sweet Sixteen – Mid
Wolf River - Mid (Standard)
Yellow Transparent - Early (Standard)
Zestar! - Early


Apple Information Chart - basic information on each apple to help you find the one you want!

Fruit Trees
Shade Trees
Ornamental Trees