Dragonfly Gardens is committed to cultivating a healthy planet. We believe plants have power to help address climate disruption. We care about the community we live in and are devoted to providing quality plants and materials to help gardeners achieve their gardening goals. We are a small family owned garden center.

Dragonfly Gardens carries a wide range of native perennials, grasses, ferns, shrubs, and trees to restore native habitats from shoreland, wetlands, and forests, to prairies. We believe that you will not find a better selection of native plants available anywhere. The majority of our native plants are carefully curated on site with a seeding process, with the exception of native trees and shrubs, which we source from larger wholesale growers.

Dragonfly Gardens also offers a large selection of annual and perennial bedding plants, vegetables, herbs, hanging baskets, planters and unique and useful gardening supplies in the area. We also sell trees and shrubs, with a highlight being our annual bareroot sale each spring. We carefully grow our plants from cuttings starting mid-winter, and do not simply order in annuals pre-potted to re-sell as the big box stores do. We actually care and attend to our plants to offer the best selection possible.

It is our goal to produce the best quality plants for the best possible price. Customers who have seen plant materials from other sources say that ours are among the best. Our employees are dedicated to caring for and creating a curated selection of plants to delight any gardener, and unlike big box stores, our employees can answer questions about our plants and take care of our plants daily instead of throwing them in a bin to send back dead to the corporation. Of course, big box stores can afford to neglect and throw away plants. At Dragonfly Gardens we are committed to building a sustainable relationship for the health of both people and the planet.