Native Plants at Dragonfly Gardens

Native Catalog 2024 updated 5_26_24 - Sheet1

Please email to pre-order.

  • We will fulfill preorders only for single species flats or half-flats of two species (half-flat mean a minimum of 16 plants per species--this means a mixed flat is split into two species).
  • Preordered flats will incur a $5 flat fee/flat.  
  • If you plan to purchase a smaller quantity or want to mix fewer than 16 pots of a species, please feel free to come and shop our new, expanded native retail area.

Native Collections Order Form 2024

Interested in hosting your own native plant sale?  For neighborhood, lake association, church, or just a group of like-minded friends?

For years Dragonfly Gardens has been supplying local Wisconsin counties with native plant collections for their annual spring plant sales.  The program has been very successful, selling over 300 collections in 2022.

Take advantage of this simple system to host your own native plant sale and help spread the good word about the many benefits of native wildflowers and grasses.

Just distribute an order form and informational sheet provided by us along with a little encouragement and take orders and payment from people for any designated period of time.  Set a date and location for people to pick up their orders, and let us know final order numbers about two weeks before that date.  We will make up the correct number of each collection sold and deliver them to your site or make them available for pick-up at our nursery.  Pay us a lump sum upon delivery or pick-up.

Bulk orders help make delivery to your neck of the woods more possible.  And every collection sold earns you another 1% (up to 25%) off of the base retail price of $80, making fund-raising a possibility.  Delivery is dependent on distance and subject to our standard delivery fees.

Sales may be conducted anytime of the year.  Collection pick-up dates may be anytime June through September.  However, the months of June and September are usually the most agreeable for planting, and September is ideal.

Please contact our Native Plant Manager at or 715-554-7219 to express your interest and request materials.

(Individual collections are always available upon request at our nursery).

Why Native Plants?


  • Shoreline restoration
  • Slope stabilization
  • Food & habitat for birds and wildlife
  • Host plants & forage for pollinators
  • Low maintenance, climate resilient landscaping
  • Improved water infiltration & lake health

Carrying on the Tradition of Great Plants and Great Service


  • Large selection of varieties of native plants
  • We are growers!  Local seed and plant sources
  • Top picks for rain gardens, prairies, wetlands, & woodlands - let us help you choose the perfect plants for your habitat
  • Healthy plants at a great value - we won't sell it if it's not ready
  • In-store appointments, & delivery are available - if you have a large order please call ahead so we can have it ready
  • Expertise - we have provided plants for both small and large projects all across Wisconsin and Minnesota
  • Consistent Availability throughout the season

Our Native Plants

We grow a large selection of species of native grasses, perennials, ferns, shrubs and trees.  We specialize in providing plants for rain gardens, wildflower gardening and prairie, forest and lake edge restorations.  We grow from seed collected in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota or purchased from native seed companies in MN and WI.  Potted native shrubs, trees and ferns are purchased as bare root stock from regional nurseries.



Many species are available throughout the growing season of June-October.  When your selected species is not available, we are happy to suggest an appropriate substitute or notify you when it is available.  We can custom grow if the size you require is not offered.  Please give us 12+ weeks lead-time so we can meet your needs.

Delivery and Ordering

Delivery is available with rates depending on distance and order size.  Plant pick up is always welcome.  Please make an appointment for plant pick up so we can provide you personalized attention and advice.  Ordering ahead is strongly encouraged for large orders so we can check availability and ensure your plants are ready upon your arrival. 

Delivery is available with a $1,000 minimum order within a 60 mile radius of the greenhouse.  Delivery charge is $2.50 per mile (one way), with a surcharge of $75 for orders requiring an additional trailer.  We will work with multiple customers to make combined deliveries to achieve this minimum when feasible.  Smaller orders may be delivered for an additional fee within 25 miles of our greenhouse.

**PLEASE give us two days notice for native orders**

Pre-order minimum for 2" pots is 1/2 flat (16 pots) of each species.  If you need fewer than 16 2" pots of any one species, you are welcome to shop in our retail area.   

For orders less than 5 flats, a $10 Hold Fee will be added.  Orders larger than 5 flats will have a $25 pull/picking fee.  We also as for a 25% down payment on orders over $500.  

Our retail area can be shopped at anytime for smaller quantities.


We are sorry but we do not ship plants USPS or other carriers.

2024 Pricing 

2" species $3/each

Flat of same species $70

Mixed flat of species $75

Predesigned collections $80

3" specialty plants and 4" species $7/each

#1 gallon shrub/tree $20

#2 gallon shrub/tree $30

#3 gallon shrub/tree $40

**25% Down Payment on orders over $500 (non-refundable)

Questions? Or ready to place an order?


Please remember that plants are living things so everything in our catalog may not be available at all times.  We'd be happy to answer your questions about current availability.  If we don't have what you're looking for, we can let you know when it might be ready or suggest a good substitution.  Check out our Native Species Recommendations for some ideas!

*Sizing, Availability and Price Subject to Change*

For even more detailed information on a particular plant, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Herbarium site is a fantastic resource.  It hosts many pictures and botanical information.

**Availability, pricing and sizes subject to change**