Dragonfly Gardens for Native Plants, Garden Perennials, Vegetables, Herbs, Trees and Shrubs

 DRAGONFLY GARDENS is committed to Cultivating a healthy planet and engaging the community through a love of plants.

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Fall Tree SALE

  • 10% Off all potted trees
  • 20% Off 2 trees from our tree berm
  • 30% Off 3 or more trees from our tree berm

*tree berm  =  trees are not in pots and need to go in ground right away as they are not dormant. Please call ahead to make an appointment to buy from tree berm or email: info@dragonflygardens.net

Garden Perennials

Choose varying heights, colors, and bloom times to create lasting impressions. Dragonfly Gardens carries a wide range of perennial plants. Perennials are powerful plants that can sequester and capture carbon, and provide soil stability and health of the soil, while enhancing biodiversity. 


 NATIVE PLANTS  are kind to the birds and butterflies


          Attract POLLINATORS


            Give us CLEAN WATER

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Trees and Shrubs

Plant trees and shrubs all summer long to

+ create shade from the sun +

+ provide a screen +

+ make places for birds to nest, feed and rest +

Choose from a huge selection of heights and blooms and foliage hues.