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Job Opening for a Native Plant Specialist

Beginning April 2022



Hans Klug   -   Native Plant Manager

715-554-7219    -


Dragonfly Gardens is a retail greenhouse operation specializing in native plants.  Our native plant department is growing with the increased popularity of native plants and we are constantly working to increase our production and retail sales capabilities.  We are looking for a native plant specialist to staff the native retail area and take on the responsibilities of:

  1. Assisting customers with the selection of native plants appropriate for their planting area and personal tastes.  This often includes rain gardens, pollinator gardens, and shoreline restorations.
  2. Answering customers questions about the process of completing a native planting including site prep, basic design principles, planting, and maintenance.
  3. Maintaining the native retail area by keeping the product well stocked, organized, labeled, weeded, watered, and with accurate signage.
  4. Helping to plant and maintain native plant demonstration gardens.
  5. Directing part-time help to assist with these activities.
  6. Assisting with production of natives primarily by seeding and transplanting.


Additional Options:

  1. The option to develop promotional and educational materials and displays for the end-goal of increasing sales.
  2. Create and/or teach classes onsite to the public on various aspects of native plants and gardening.
  3. Fulfill garden club and other organization’s requests for presentations about native plants.
  4. Engage with customers or potential customers through social media and website content.


Required Skills and Experience:

  1. Must have hands-on experience planting native gardens and a passion for the natural world.
  2. Must have knowledge of common, commercially available prairie and wetland plants native to Wisconsin.
  3. Must be friendly, courteous, and patient with customers.


Strongly Desired Skills and Experience:

  1. Experience in retail or environmental education and interpretation.


Required Physical Abilities:

  1. Must be able to tolerate a hot, full-sun working environment.
  2. Must be able to be on your feet for the duration of your shift and perform repetitive hand motions.


Strongly Desired Physical Abilities:

  1. The ability to repetitively lift and carry 20 lbs.
  2. The ability to work on your hands and knees or similar alternative for the purpose of weeding demonstration gardens.



Full- or part-time seasonal or year-round.  Scheduling options are initially flexible but must be consistent once set.  Willingness to work weekends and morning shifts is a plus.