Crabapple Comparison Chart

Use this chart to compare the crabapple varieties that we will have available at our 2019 Bareroot sale.  Search for qualities and characteristics that you're interested in and pick out your favorites!

 HeightZoneShape/FormFlower ColorFoliage ColorFall ColorFruitComments
Camelot10'4roundedfuchsia pink on whitedark green, some burgundyyellowburgundydisease resistent, dwarf variety
Gladiator20'2uprightbright pinkglossy bronze-purplepurplereddish-purplegood disease resistence
Purple Prince20'4roundedrose-redpurple-bronzegoldenmaroonexcellent disease resistence, quick to mature
Red Splendor20-25'3upright, spreadingbright redglossy reddish-greenreddish-purplebright red, persistentpersistant fruit excellent food for wildlife
Spring Snow25-30'4rounded, ovalwhite, single, fragrantbright green, shinyyellowfruitlessgood resistance to rust and mildew, good heat tolerance
Velvet Pillar15-20'4upright, tightrosy-pink, singlepurple, velvetyburgundyreddish, sparsenotable for unusual foliage, some disease issues