How to Care for and Plant Bareroot Trees and Shrubs?

  • Keep roots moist and cool - a shady location and moist straw or burlap over the roots is just fine 
  • Ok to soak roots in a bucket of water for an hour before planting
  • Plant as soon as possible after purchasing
  • Soak planting site if soil is dry, sandy or rocky
  • Dig hole only deep enough to reach root flare (place where roots start to come off of trunk) but wide enough to allow roots to reach straight out.  Do not curve roots in hole.
  • Soil level should be at or just below root flare
  • Do not bury the graft!  This could cause the rootstock to start sprouting which takes energy away from the top of the tree.
  • Add no more than 50% compost back into hole, mixed with the native soil and firmly tamp soil around roots
  • Water thoroughly after planting
  • Water slowly and deeply, about 1 inch a week
Planting hole simple

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