Apple Comparison Chart

Did you know that over 2,500 apple varieties are grown in the US?

And over 7,500 varieties are grown throughout the world.

Each apple has different qualities and characteristics that might make it your favorite.

Use our handy chart to help you pick out a variety (or two or three or more!) for your garden.

Remember that you will be best pollination by picking two different varieties that have the same or overlapping bloom times.

Table can be sorted by each heading so you can find types that fit your needs.

**Not all varieties may be available at the sale, please check the sale page for the list**

Bloom TimeRipensColorZoneEatingCookingJuiceApple SizeStorageFBASPMCARDFlavorComments
CortlandMid-LateLate SeptBright Red4xxMshorttropicalwhite flesh holds color well after being cut
FiresideMid-LateMid-OctRed Striped4xLgoodRsweet, pleasantunsuitable pollinator for Connell Red
FreedomMid-LateLate SeptRed4xxxLuntil JanRRRRcrisp, juicy, slight tart flavorvigorous and productive, no fungicide sprays needed
Frostbite™Mid-LateLate Sept/ Ea OctRed3xxxSGoodtangy, but sweet and juicy, like tropical sugarcanevery cold hardy, crisp, firm and juicy, very cold hardy
Haralred®LateLate Sept/ Ea OctRed3xxMGoodRjuicy, tart, firm
HoneycrispMidLate SeptRed4xxM-Lup to 7 monthssweet, well-balanced, crisp, juicyflesh is slow to brown when cut
HoneygoldMid-LateEa/Mid OctYellow4xxM-LMediumcrisp, juicy, sweet
KinderKrispEarlyLate AugRed4xSshortRRRRexcelent, reminds of honeycrispcrisp texture, great size for lunchboxes
LibertyMidSeptGreen, red blush4xxMgoodRRxcrisp and juicy, moderatly tartturns sweeter with fridge storage
McIntoshMidLate SeptBright Red4xxMMediumxsprightly flavor, heavy bearer
Prairie Magic®MidMid SeptRed, green blush3xxM-LGoodRcrisp and sweetsuper cold hardy, good disease resistance
SnowSweet®MidMid-Late SeptRed4xxM2 MonthsRRdeliciously sweet, slightly tart, vanilla-like flavorslow to oxidize
Sweet SixteenMidMid-Late SeptRed Striped4xM2 MonthsRcrisp, juicy, sweet unusual flavor, like cherry candy
Wolf RiverMidEarly-Mid SeptPale Yellow-Green4xL1 MonthRRRRxsoft, tenderfrom WI 1875, enormous fruit up to 1 pound
Yellow TransparentEarlyAugPale Yellow4xLshortRRxlight and sweetfrom Russia 1870, makes the best applesauce
Zestar!®EarlyLate AugRed4xxM2 Monthsexcellent, sweet, tartearly apple that is crisp and juicy


Disease Code:

FB= Fireblight

AS=Apple Scab

PM=Powdery Mildew

CAR=Cedar Apple Rust

D=Deer Apple