Bareroot Sale 2017

Starting April 28th (weather dependent)

Bareroot List

Subject to Change   *   Pre-orders Welcome!

*Attention native plant customers: Availability of stock varies throughout the year.
Please call ahead and we’d be happy to make sure your choices are on hand before you make a trip.

Dragonfly Gardens offers over 300 species of native wildflowers, grasses, ferns, shrubs, and trees. We specialize in providing plants for raingardens, prairie, forest, and lake edge restorations. The plants we offer tolerate conditions ranging from the driest, sunniest prairies, to shallow aquatic margins of lakes, ponds and streams, to the cool, deep shade beneath a dense forest canopy.

Dragonfly Gardens also offers what is, without question, the best selection of annual and perennial bedding plants, vegetables, potted herbs, combination hanging baskets, planters, and unique and useful gardening supplies in the area.

(If you are interested in natives or have a long plant list, please call ahead)