Native Plants Recommendations

Agonize no longer over what species you should plant! We've listed the top sellers, best performers and most popular species to fit special habitats and requirements.  Choose the best species for your unique site conditions, plant plugs 12-24” apart, and in no time, you will have a beautiful, low-maintenance, wildlife-nurturing habitat.   

If you have water issues around your house or somewhere on your property, a rain garden is the answer.  Channel runoff into a properly constructed depression and allow these plants to help attenuate and clean this water rather than sending it into the gutter!  The wet species of wildflowers and graminoids (grass-like plants) are for lower portions of the rain garden that will stay wet for the longest period of time.  The mesic species should be planted in upper portions of the rain garden which are saturated or inundated for a shorter period of time.
Height:  12-48”

Wet Species:  New England Aster, Swamp Milkweed, Spotted Joe-Pye Weed, Boneset, Cardinal Flower, Blue Lobelia, Monkeyflower, Marsh Blazing Star, Ironweed, Bottlebrush Sedge, Awl-fruit  Sedge, Porcupine Sedge, Fox Sedge, Soft Rush, Path Rush, Sweet Flag, Wool Grass.

Mesic Species:  Anise Hyssop, Smooth Aster, Stiff Coreopsis, Purple Prairie Clover, False Sunflower, Bergamot, Yellow Coneflower, Orange Coneflower, Sweet Black-eyed Susan, Showy Goldenrod, Rosinweed, Culver’s Root, Little Bluestem, Side Oats Grama, Indian Grass, Switch Grass.
A combination of dry species that provide nectar sources and caterpillar host plants to attract butterflies.  Grasses are also a great addition for the butterfly planting to provide resting spaces and protective cover.
Habitat:  Dry Prairie/Forest Edge           Height:  18-36”        Full-Part Sun

Species:  Pearly Everlasting, Butterfly Weed, Smooth Aster, Stiff Coreopsis, Rattlesnake Master, False Sunflower, Rough Blazing Star, Yellow Coneflower, Pale Purple Coneflower, Purple Coneflower, Black-eyed Susan, Stiff Goldenrod, Hoary Vervain, Little Bluestem, Indian Grass, Side Oats Grama
The best prairie grasses and wildflowers for creating or adding to prairies.  Fifty to sixty plants per will cover 50 - 120 ft2.  Free yourself from the oppression of mowing lawn one plant at a time!
Habitat:  Dry/Mesic Prairie            Height:  24-60”         Full-Part Sun

Wildflower Species:  Anise Hyssop, Aromatic Aster, Smooth Aster, Purple Prairie Clover, False Sunflower, Bergamot, Prairie Coneflower, Yellow Coneflower, Purple Coneflower, Black-eyed Susan, Stiff Goldenrod, Smooth Penstemon, Culver’s Root, Prairie Onion, Royal Catchfly, Rattlesnake Master


Grass Species:  Little Bluestem, Big Bluestem, Side Oats Grama, Indian Grass, Switch Grass, Kalm's Brome
Add some beautiful graminoids to some of our most beautiful wildflowers and you’ve got the ticket to stable, beautiful shorelands or wet areas that you need no longer mow.
Habitat:  Wet Prairie/Marsh/Lake Edge Height:  24-48” Full Sun-Part Shade

Wildflower Species:  New England Aster, Swamp Aster, Spotted Joe-Pye Weed, Cardinal Flower, Blue Lobelia, Boneset, Marsh Blazing Star, Sneezeweed, Flat Top Aster, Sweet Black Eyed Susan, Monkeyflower, Blue Vervain, Ironweed.

Grass Species:  Bottlebrush Sedge, Porcupine Sedge, Caterpillar Sedge, Fox Sedge, Sweet Flag, Path Rush, Soft Rush, Wool Grass.

A great mix for moist to wet lake margins and other wet areas suited to a variety of light levels.  Stop mowing and start growing these species which will add beauty and stabilize your shoreline at the same time!
Habitat:  Mesic-Wet Prairie/Marsh    Height:  24-48”   Full Sun-Part Shade

Species:  Swamp Milkweed, New England Aster, Swamp Aster, Flat-top Aster, Turtlehead, Spotted Joe-Pye Weed, Boneset, Sneezeweed, Sweet Black Eyed Susan, Marsh Blazing Star, Thick-spike Blazing Star, Cardinal Flower, Blue Lobelia, Monkeyflower, Mountain Mint, Purple Meadow Rue, Blue Vervain, Ironweed.
Outstanding species of woodland plugs including wildflowers and grasses.  Only shade tolerant species will thrive in forested conditions.  Pick from these species to begin restoring and beautifying any degraded woodland understory.
Height:  6-36”

Wildflower Species:  Wild Columbine, Pearly Everlasting, Canada Anemone, Big Leaf Aster, Arrow-leaved Aster, Harebell, White Snakeroot, Alumroot, Woodland Strawberry, Jacob’s Ladder, Zig Zag Goldenrod, Woodland Sunflower

Grass Species:  Pennsylvania Sedge, Long Beaked Sedge, Bottlebrush Grass.