Apple Information Chart

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 Bloom TimeRipensColorZoneEatingCookingJuiceApple SizeStorageFBASPMCARDFlavorComments
BeaconEarlyMid-Late AugBright Red3xMshortjuicy, mildly acidheavy bearing
Conell RedMid-LateMid-OctRed Blush4xxLuntil April-Maydistinctiveheavy bearing, similar to Fireside
CortlandMid-LateLate SeptBright Red4xxMshorttropicalwhite flesh holds color well after being cut
FiresideMid-LateMid-OctRed Striped4xLgoodRsweet, pleasantunsuitable pollinator for Connell Red
FreedomMid-LateLate SeptRed4xxxLuntil JanRRRRcrisp, juicy, slight tart flavorvigorous and productive, no fungicide sprays needed
Frostbite™Mid-LateLate Sept/ Ea OctRed3xxxSGoodtangy, but sweet and juicy, like tropical sugarcanevery cold hardy, crisp, firm and juicy, very cold hardy
GavensteinEarlyLate July-AugGreen, red stripes3xMshortxsweet, tart, crisp, juicy
Haralred®LateLate Sept/ Ea OctRed3xxMGoodRjuicy, tart, firm
HaralsonLateEarly OctRed3xxMUntil Marchhard, crisp, tartprone to biennial bearing, naturally semi-dwarf
HazenEarlyLate AugDark Red3xxLshortxsweet, mild, green-yellow fleshannual bearer, naturally semi-dwarf, does well without spraying
HoneycrispMidLate SeptRed4xxM-Lup to 7 monthssweet, well-balanced, crisp, juicyflesh is slow to brown when cut
HoneygoldMid-LateEa/Mid OctYellow4xxM-LMediumcrisp, juicy, sweet
KinderKrispEarlyLate AugRed4xSshortRRRRexcelent, reminds of honeycrispcrisp texture, great size for lunchboxes
LibertyMidSeptGreen, red blush4xxMgoodRRxcrisp and juicy, moderatly tartturns sweeter with fridge storage
MacounMidLate SeptDark Purple-Red4xxxMpoorRcrisp texture, frim, aromaticfirm, high quality, compares to McIntosh
McIntoshMidLate SeptBright Red4xxMMediumxsprightly flavor, heavy bearer
Northwest GreeningMidLate Sept/ Ea OctYellow-Green4xLGoodxFlesh is dense and tart
Red BaronMidLate SeptYellow-Red3xxMRcrisp, juicy, sweet but mildproductive, bears at early age, hardy
Red Prairie SpyMidLate OctRed over green4xxLLongtangyfirm, very productive
Red RegentLateEa OctRed4xxM-LGoodoutstanding sweet, tart flavorcrisp and juicy
SnowSweet®MidMid-Late SeptRed4xxM2 MonthsRRdeliciously sweet, slightly tart, vanilla-like flavorslow to oxidize
State FairEarlyMid-Late AugRed Striped3xxxMShortsprightly tart, good texture, semi-acid to sweetall purpose
Sweet SixteenMidMid-Late SeptRed Striped4xM2 MonthsRcrisp, juicy, sweet unusual flavor, like cherry candy
WealthyEarly-MidMid-SeptRed Striped4xxxMGoodtart balanced flavorMulti-purpose, often bears first year
Winecrisp™MidEarly-Mid OctDark Red4xxMVery goodRoutstanding, juicy, full spicy flavorscream-colored flesh
Wolf RiverMidEarly-Mid SeptPale Yellow-Green4xLx
Yellow TransparentEarlyEa-Mid SeptPale Yellow4xLxhardy, long-lived, very large fruit
Zestar!®EarlyLate AugRed4xxM2 Monthsexcellent, sweet, tartearly apple that is crisp and juicy
Chestnut CrabappleEarly-MidLate AugYellow w/Red Stripe3xx2"Mediumxoutstanding, nut-likegood texture, hardy
Whitney CrabappleEarlyMid/Late AugYellow w/Red Stripe3xxx2"1-2 Monthsxcrisp, juicy, subacid, almost sweethardy, vigorous, heavy bearing, good for pickling


Disease Code:

FB= Fireblight

AS=Apple Scab

PM=Powdery Mildew

CAR=Cedar Apple Rust

D=Deer Apple